Sunday, November 27, 2011

(human) Babies (for the most part)…are not cute

I have no maternal instinct/inclination towards human babies. At all. I don't get or go through the "aww how cyoooots" that they seem to bring out in 'normal' people.

Put me in the same room with kittens, I will turn to mush and try to take them all home. Puppies, ferrets,  etc., the same thing.

Babies though? My knee-jerk reaction is "ew! Squishy!! Put it back, it's not finished!!" Even being through the birth of a couple of my friends' kids (as in I was in the delivery room), going through infancy of my nieces (which I adore)… but… still do not find them cute as a rule.

Honestly, they creep me out.

I guess I'm just wired weird. 

Where's some kittens?