Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pre-Coffee Rambling

(Note, I wrote this blog early this morning, but realized I wanted to shift it to a new blog, dedicated to my new journeys as a writer. Enjoy!)

Thinking back to starting the new job at the newspaper a couple weeks ago. How much I've grown in the way I write since then! I was hired as an assistant editor, not just for my writing skills, which they are (thankfully) training me in, but my ability to wrangle page layout programs, work around antiquated equipment, and my background in design, teaching, and art. These things help me in interviewing the folks I need to for the articles I must write.

So now instead of writing whenever the whim takes me, I have to complete at least one article a day. It is a change that I find exhilarating on one hand, somewhat terrifying on the other. I mean, me? A writer and assistant editor? For a newspaper? Who knew? Bylines with my name on it? Unimaginable even four months ago.

I'm already noticing a change in me. This morning, even before coffee, I had to fire off a rather lengthy post on a private forum I moderate. After I finished my mini-novel (I can get wordy sometimes) I had to step back and look at the amount of writing I accomplished  in so little time while the brain was still asleep. I may go back in a couple hours and gaze in horror at what I wrote since I'm still barely speaking coherently, much less thinking in full sentences. But you never know. Maybe writing is another thing you can program into your brain's "muscle memory" to do reflexively.

Now I must get my day started. Maybe a little yoga to get brain and body caught up with each other, then to the office where I must interview a crazy author and get a paper out.

Seize the day!

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